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We have a very clear policy in customer service and still stick to this. If you are disappointed with the online service, please contact us at susan@james.cn, call us at 0577-86515006 or give us a message at @jameshardwarecn on our Instagram handle. We will try to immediately and effectively settle your concern.

We take these issues incredibly seriously and will carefully look at particular cases. Make sure that you photo evidence and email the photo of the impacted sample and the D.O (Delivery Order) to us at susan@james.cn, any sample that comes within the damaged category should not be thrown away.

The warranty includes components and workmanship flaws. It does not cover problems caused by delivery, handling , storage, injury, impact, assault or misuse harm. For more info, see the warranty card provided with the products.

In the warranty documents provided with the goods, the period of the warranty is specified. Notice that there can be distinct warranty intervals on various items as well as accessories, etc. For info , please refer to the warranty card bundled with the product. As shown by the documents, the warranty period starts on the purchase date.