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Cabinet knobs are great for adding a minimalist look to your room.  Cabinet knobs are smaller in size and give an elegant appearance.  You can find cabinet knobs in commercial, residential, and public buildings.  The best part about cabinet knobs is that they do not require locking.  Buy cabinet knobs online and let them add to the subtle details of the room.  Buy cabinet knobs online and install them to experience their efficient functionality.

  • We make the cabinet knobs with iron, zinc alloy, and a blend of zinc alloy with beech.  We use traditional materials so that you can use them anywhere you like. 
  • Whether it is the kitchen sink or your wardrobe cabinets, you can install it anywhere.  Buy cabinet knobs since they are durable and require low maintenance. 
  • You can opt for black cabinet knobs to complement your modern or traditional designed home décor. 
  • Our furniture hardware suppliers pack it in a poly bag and deliver it within 30 to 45 days.  
  • The cabinet knobs are easy to clean and can get installed easily.  You do not need to hire a professional worker to install it in your offices or home. 
  • The cabinet knobs do not leave a mark on the surfaces as well.


You might not consider small furniture hardware items, but they make a difference.  They can change the look of a room and bring out its aesthetics.  Buy cabinet knobs from James Hardware because they are user-friendly and effective.  We ensure your ordered product is suitable for all drawers and cabinets.  The cabinet knobs of James Hardware are rounded from both ends, whereas some are square or oval shaped.  

People usually prefer knobs for lower and upper cabinets, which go well with all unique finishes.  Buy cabinet knobs from James Hardware as they are available in versatile designs, making them look attractive.  Our website has a vast range of cabinet knobs through which you can select the ones which would go well with your décor.  We suggest you buy cabinet knobs keeping their placement in mind.  Through our range of cabinet knobs, choose the right knob for the right place because you will use it daily.  You can contact us through email and get your queries solved.