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Get rid of the faulty door lock issues!

James Hardware has a door lock guard available in Aluminum, Iron, and Zinc Alloy. To ensure that you do not deal with a robbery, you must invest in a good security system. A security system protects you and creates a safer neighborhood for everyone around you. Along with installed security cameras, one must preserve their high-value items by using a door lock guard


Install proper locks to protect your home!

This is alarming if you have been living in the house for years. You need to avoid the faulty mechanism of the door lock guard, especially for the entry door. Make your offices and home secure by installing the right locks. James Hardware makes the proper recommendations for door lock guards. You can go through our website and find the door lock guard in every style. 


Avoid theft and store your valuables through a door lock guard!

    • Smart accessibility and an opportunity to equip your office in the most efficient ways. 
    • James Hardware utilizes technology and provides an efficient security system you can install these security bolts to operate.
    • If you have a lightweight door, you must invest in an efficient door lock guard.  
  • We believe threats can come from anywhere, but we must know how to protect ourselves from them. Burglars look for a quick score in most cases. The easier it’s to break into a place, the lesser time required. So, one must ensure the door lock guard gets appropriately installed. 


Buy a door lock guard plate and add an extra layer of protection against burglars!

It is an essential security feature. If you are not in your office or your house and are out in public and feel something unusual, you must wait in a safe place. Try to act normal and call the police. Although a door lock guard might seem like a traditional approach to installing the equipment, one must buy a door lock guard plate to eliminate the theft. You can also purchase and install a security camera to view the live footage and watch over your home 24/7.