James Hardware offers a wide variety of door bolt locks!

James Hardware makes sliding door bolt lock in zinc alloy material, which is more robust than regular sliding door locks. You can opt for a sliding door bolt lock to hold the door closed firmly and get it installed quickly. James Hardware makes sliding door bolt lock which is durable and performs efficiently. You do not need to hire a professional to install them. 


    • James Hardware delivers sliding door bolt locks in 30 to 45 days without causing damage to your products.
  • We pack them in a poly bag because they are quicker to open and take up less space. James Hardware uses poly bags because of their durability and resistance to other chemicals. It is durable and protects the product from rain or other factors causing changes to the weather.
  • We all know the significance of household security, but some might not be aware of the specific lock types. So, to guide you about the different door bolt locks, one must browse the website of James Hardware. 
  • We design interior locks for ease of use, which is less resistant to force because it is for your interior. The risk of burglars breaking in becomes less.
  • Sliding door bolt locks are user-friendly, and we design them, especially for security purposes. It consists of a metal bolt with a knob or handles to lock the door quickly. It also does not requires keys to operate. 

The sliding door bolt lock gets concealed within the door. One gets fitted to the door’s top part, whereas the other gets fitted to the bottom.

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